What's New in 13.5

Here are the major highlights.

Advanced Analytics for Leases & Rentals

We're excited to announce that Direct Telemetry and advanced analytics like battery temperatures and low-level service alerts are now supported on leased and rented Teslas (provided you've been added as an authorized driver.)

Enable it by selecting the info circle next to your vehicle's name.

Tesla Navigation Automation

You're now able to automate your Tesla's navigation, allowing your vehicle to follow your schedule.

Access it by selecting "Navigate to Location" as your automation action.

Navigation via Other Apps

You can now send navigation to your vehicle from other apps, like Google Maps and more.

From another app, just tap the share button while looking at a location or while highlighting text with a place name or address. Select Tessie from the app list.

Navigate to Location Shortcut

You can now automate your Tesla's navigation via the iOS Shortcuts app.

New Analytic: Cost Per Mile

Discover your average cost per mile, factoring in your charging costs and charging efficiency.

Check it out under Drives > Analytics > Electric Cost.

New Analytic: Cost Per kWh

See your average cost per kilowatt hour across all charging sources.

Check it out under Charges > Analytics > Electric Cost.

Multilingual and Regional Support

Tessie now supports many additional languages, including:

Additionally, numbers now follow the expected formatting of the region.

You can set your language under Settings > Display.

Interested in a different language or want to help make improvements? Visit our GitHub repo!


Many small love-and-care improvements and bug fixes have been made across the platform.

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