The world's most powerful fleet management platform.

Monitor and physically control your entire fleet 24/7/365 with zero effort and no hardware. Designed exclusively for your Tesla fleet.

Sound like magic? It is. Just $5/month per vehicle.

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Built from the ground up for security and privacy.

Tesla fleet management made easy

More power. Less time, effort and headache.

Effortlesss, no hardware tracking

Tessie tracks every vehicle in your fleet 24/7 over the air with zero hardware.

Full physical control

Instantly gain full physical control over your vehicles. From locks, trunks and windows to climate, charging and summoning.

See vehicle activity

Access drives, charges, idles and more.

Track battery health

Tessie tracks battery degradation over time so you can see the health of each vehicle.

Data Exports

Export vehicle, driving, charging and idling data as standardized CSV for easy import into any software.

Powerful APIs

Use Tessie's powerful API to create custom automations and integrations tailored to your business. Access real-time and historical data, control your vehicles and more.

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