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The world's most powerful fleet software

Total visibility, control and automation across your entire fleet.

Drive history

360° OTA fleet tracking

Track every vehicle in your fleet 24/7 completely over-the-air with no hardware and no effort.

Keep a complete record of driving, charging, parking, software updates and service alerts for every vehicle.

Battery health

Monitor fleet degradation

Track the battery health of every vehicle in your fleet and compare it to global averages.

Charge details

Supercharging costs made easy

Quickly browse, export and download Supercharging invoice data across your entire fleet.


Automate your fleet

Automate hundreds of vehicles with a single click.

Schedule Time-of-Use charging at your headquarters, automatically lock doors, control charging limits and much more.

Need even more? Use Tessie's robust developer-friendly API for custom business integrations.

Intelligent alerts

Protect your fleet

Enable Guest Mode to protect vehicle keys and important settings.

Get real-time notifications when something important happens — like when your vehicles are going too fast, if it's about to rain with open windows and much more.

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