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5 stars

Tessie is by far the best Tesla related app out there.

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5 stars

I would give Tessie eight stars if I could.

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5 stars

I've never written an App Store review in my life.

App Store Review
5 stars

The app is amazing. Huge amount of statistics and options.

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Laptop, desktop, smartwatch, phone and tablet

The world's most powerful automotive software

In a beautiful, elegant and intuitive package.

Drive history

Track your trips

See a beautiful, detailed history of your driving. Browse and explore maps, graphs and more.

Battery health

Measure your battery health

Visualize battery degradation and compare it to other Tesla owners.

Watch controls

Put your car on your wrist

Use your Apple or Android smartwatch to see and control your Tesla over the internet or Bluetooth.

Charge details

Record your charging sessions

See the details of every charge: costs, energy usage, charger power and more.


Automate your Tesla

Automate your Tesla using times and triggers. Integrate your Tesla with your iPhone, iPad and Mac using Shortcuts.

Want even more? Use Tessie's friendly developer API.

Firmware viewer

Inspect your firmware

Peek under the hood and get a live look at your Tesla's underlying data.

Cost analysis

Project your costs

Analyze your spending and get tailored recommendations on how to save.

Intelligent alerts

Protect your car

Get real-time notifications when something important happens.

Like when it's about to rain and your windows are open.

Built from the ground up for security and privacy

Trusted for over 100 million drives by more than 300,000 Tesla owners and fleet managers.

How it works


Link your Tesla account

Using safe & secure industry standards


Your Tesla talks to us

Your vehicle streams system data to our cloud platform using energy efficient end-to-end encryption


You win

You get features, data and insights built for you — and only you

Upgrade your Tesla. Save money. Be happy.

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